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As I went a patrol marched out鈥攔einforcements had again come from Tongres鈥攚hose task was to clear the district of the enemy. The patrol consisted of six Death-head hussars, about forty bicyclists, and the rest infantry, altogether about four hundred men, who were able to keep together, because the hussars and the cyclists proceeded very slowly and cautiously in the direction of Lanaeken. I went with them, chatting with one of the officers. As soon as they had got to the road, the greatest caution188 was observed. The hussars went in front, followed by some of the infantry, all in loose formation, continually looking about in all directions, with the finger at the cock of the rifle.

By what accident had I not been disturbed? The height, perhaps, at which my miserable little garret-room was situated..
When I was half way between Li猫ge and the Netherland frontier, I noticed that the village of68 Vivignes was burning in various places. It is a beautiful spot, quite concealed between the green trees on the slope of the hills, west of the canal. And the finest and largest farms were exactly those ablaze. The fire crackled fiercely, roofs came down with a crash and a thud. Not a living being could be seen. From the windows of the burning houses small white flags hung, and they too were one by one destroyed by the fire. I counted forty-five farms that were burning, destroyed by the raging flames..
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For the rest the transports were not much troubled now, for obviously the bridge was no longer the objective of the Belgian guns. At Vis茅 I was even told that Fort Pontisse had just been57 taken and only Lierce could harass the troops, who, after crossing the bridge, advanced towards Tongeren.!
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Pastor Claes, mentioned in the above proclamation, has done very much for the miserable Louvain population; they owe him especially much gratitude for an act of devotion with regard to the murdered victims..

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On the way I was stopped by two soldiers, one of whom examined my papers, and, finding that I was a journalist, revealed himself as a colleague, in ordinary times editor of the K?lnische Zeitung. He shook both my hands quite excitedly, glad to meet a colleague, and, better still, one from the "friendly" Netherlands.
I had a rather amusing meeting at Tongres, with a Netherland colleague, who was on his way to Louvain.
By and by I began to feel that I had already walked about twenty miles in this great heat, but I would not think of stopping before reaching my goal.
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